Scary Lady Sarah (scaryladysarah) wrote in chicagoscene,
Scary Lady Sarah

[EVENT](Chicago) Sat. 5 Dec: NOCTURNA + Dark Market! 18+

- Saturday, 5 December: NOCTURNA
(It's like Halloween & New Year's Eve rolled into one great party each time!)
Plus! We're open an hour and a half earlier than usual: 10pm - 5am.

If you are a crafter & are interested in setting up a table to sell your dark or spooky wares, contact me no later than Tuesday, 1 December because at this Nocturna we will be featuring a special Holiday DARK MARKET!

Friends, bring a bit of spare cash and peruse a plethora of local purveyors who will be offering cool and inexpensive presents for the darkly inclined and alternative folks on your holiday gift list....or treat yourself! :)

Also for this Nocturna: Prepare your New Year's Eve party strategy with our practice midnight countdown- party favours (and a chance to win in our cd giveaway of alternative holiday music that's actually *good!*) for everyone! :)

Nocturna, now in its 21st year, is an 18+ dark alternative dance night held once every other month (or so) in Chicago. DJ Scary Lady Sarah flies in from Berlin, Germany to spin a highly request-driven mix of current & classic goth, industrial, post-punk, deathrock, ethereal, shoegaze, new wave, ebm, darkwave, dark indie & more. It's a lot of fun & you should go! ;)

Held at Metro, 3730 N. Clark St, Chicago
10:00pm - 5am / 18+ / $10.00

This is the last Nocturna of 2009- hope to see you all there and thank you for helping to spread the word!!!

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